KuGar Staff

Master Jesse Kuhns, 5th Dan KKW

Master Jesse is the owner and operator of KuGar TaeKwonDo. He began TaeKwonDo when he was 4 years old.  Master Jesse was a competitive TKD athlete throughout his life, often medaling at various national competitions. He became the Texas A&M TaeKwonDo head coach in 2005. In 2008, he moved with his family to Laredo to begin KuGar.  Master Jesse currently serves on the USA TaeKwonDo Board of Directors as the Coach Representative. 

Master Clarissa Kuhns, 4th Dan KKW

Master Clarissa began TaeKwonDo in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps when she was 12 years old. She continued to pursue the sport at Texas A&M Univeristy forming part of the collegiate team from 2002 to 2007.  Master Clarissa has her doctoral degree in Psychology and currently practices as a Licensed Psychologist at her private practice, Counseling with Grace, conveniently located next to KuGar.  

Ms.  Daniela Elise Rossell , 1st Dan

Miss Daniela started Taekwondo at age 13. She has a background in dancing. After a 6 week program she quit dancing for her love of Taekwondo. She's currently a junior at TAMIU pursuing a degree n Kinesiology all levels certification. She is also passionate about teaching. Her goal is to become a P.E. Coach for elementary and to open up her own Taekwondo academy.

Mr. Shane Teeters,  2nd Dan

Mr. Shane has been training Tae Kwon Do for over ten years. He earned his black belt at the age of 13, and his second degree black belt at the age of 15. He has competed in various tournaments around the United States in sparring as well as poomse. He has trained with some of the most elite fighters in the country.  Mr. Shane teaches his class not only to defend themselves, but how to be respectful and disciplined .

Ms. Terry Hernandez, Membership Director

Miss Terry earned a degree in Restaurant Management and is responsible for a great number of things at KuGar, the greatest of which is the care of children in the After School Program. She manages our staff and pickups to ensure that all children make it safely from their school to our facility, complete their homework, and attend their TKD class. She is amazingly patient and hard working and a wonderful addition to our staff.






7019 W. Village Blvd. Ste. 202

Laredo, TX 78041

Tel: 956-220-3653

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